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KDP Select Pros & Cons: KDP Select Compared to Traditional Publishing

KDP Select is one of the Big Self Publishing Platforms out there. If you are thinking about self publishing your novel or story, it’s likely that you’ve already heard of KDP Select and other platforms like Reedsy or Lulu.

But why can they be better for your needs than choosing a contract with a traditional publishing house? Platforms like KDP Select offers many benefits for self published writers that traditional publishers simply don’t.

While traditional publishing contracts are fine for thousands of writers and might still remain an aspect of your writing career now, here are some of the benefits of KDP Select compared to what traditional publishers have to offer.

Traditional Publishing is a LOT of Waiting

The process from manuscript to published book can take years when we’re talking about traditional publishing. It can even take decades when we account for all the times where an excellent manuscript might be rejected by several publishing houses in a row.

Some traditional publishers can even take as long as a year before they let you know whether or not they’re willing to publish your manuscript at all. And that’s not including all the time it takes to format, read through, proofread and finally print and promote.

For some writers, the cons of traditional publishing far outweigh what they’re able to get from it.

More writers choose self publishing through platforms like KDP Select because it’s easier, faster and gives them instant access to their market of readers.

Traditional Publishing Sometimes Requires an Agent

An increasing number of publishers – especially larger ones – aren’t willing to consider submissions that have been sent without an agent. This presents a huge problem for many first-time and emerging authors who don’t have an agent yet, and don’t have the background in the industry to just hook up with one overnight.

Self publishing your manuscript through platforms like KDP Select doesn’t require an agent – and you can do it when you’re ready as a writer.

Traditional Publishing Has Set Promotional Schedules

Traditional publishers have set promotional schedules for new books. This means that they will do a huge amount of promotion at the start of the process to boost sales, and then gradually less the longer the book has been on the shelves.

As a traditionally published writer, this means that the sales of your book will decline – and once this happens, you’re usually not getting any help from your publisher to release or promote this book again.


Self publishing through platforms like KDP Select won’t carry this restriction – and won’t limit you as much in terms of how you can promote your work. There’s no need to stick to a larger publisher telling you which books are “good” for promotion right now: You decide, and you showcase the work to your readers that they want to see

Traditional Publishing Pays Eventually… Self Publishing Pays Sooner

Traditional publishers usually issue their royalty statements throughout the year – quarterly being one of the most common. During this time, writers are promised a fraction of the profits for the books that have sold during this period – and once you’ve been paid an advance (assuming you’re paid one at all), this fraction isn’t as much as you would think.

Books that have been in publication for a while (or had a slow release) will earn you a few cents every few months. That’s not ideal, is it?

Using platforms like KDP Select to publish your writing gives you easier access to royalties you’ve earned from your work (and you’ll earn a larger percentage).

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